Sunday, September 13, 2009

Belated Birthday Thoughts

The other day on the 11th, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. I have always been haunted by something St. Thomas Aquanis said, "Everyone is how they were or would have been at 33 years of age in Heaven." I don't know if this was taught tongue in cheek or if he was serious. The serious implication is that if you haven't figured it out at 33 you might be in trouble. I think I may be in trouble. I still have so much to learn. I'm extending my birthday to include the whole month so that maybe I've got some more time to get it all right, but in reality I think I might need another 33 years (I hope the Lord grants me them). Some things I know I need to work on are my orginization skills, following a scheduled pattern to my day, discipline, and connected with that making sure I stay healthy, get back in shape, and lose lots of weight. I ask for your prayers and any help you can offer. Peace and God Bless!

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  1. Father Matt,

    Today, I attended the 11:30 Mass at St Pauls. As usual, your Homily merited comment. The homily was about sharing one's life and possessions in a meaningful way. I was blown away by your enthusiasm and passion. Your homily was so meaningful and moving. My poor wife I think was overcome. I am new to St Pauls and have not yet registered. I have printeed the forms and will get them to the office.

    For me there is something special about the building, the sense of community, and St Paul himself.

    One thing that is remarkable was the recent reference to a letter written by Fr Terry Weik. In the early 1990's, my wife Pat and I worked with the youth ministry at St Joseph's in Sykesville. At that time, Fr Terry, was leading the youth ministry there. I think he was taking a sabatical from preisthood in a sense. And thus, managing the youth ministry was a way to pursue his vocation yet not be burdened by the responsibilities of being pastor.

    Pat and I moved to Ellicott City in 2004. Initially we attended Resurection. But something was not happening. Resurection is a lovely church and there are many fine people there. But for whatever reason, my wife and my own devotion to attending mass regularly waned.

    Then, before Easter 2010, we decided to go to St Paul's. I was struck by a sense of euphoria each time I entered the church. There was such a sense of attraction for me at St Paul's that I can't imagine what it is.

    Today, August 1st was even more intense. Again, thank you and thank God for whatever is attracting me to St Paul's.