Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beginning of the school year Poem in honor of St. Paul's Parish

Once it was said, “Pride is the beginning of all sin” but maybe the same can be said about breath and wind.

For inevitable as our falling is our perfunctory heave of the chest as it is rising. This intake and gush of life-giving air, brings challenge and purpose, failure and flair.

It feels much as if we have awoken from a fitful hot sleep, now a cool breeze blows but we cannot our pillowed watch keep.

The time has come when all seems to wither, yet our parish is alive with a flit and a twitter.

How can we fail to notice the contrast of dying buds and no more lightning bugs, when seen upon buildings now every night a light and a buzz.

Oh how my heart swells! Forgive me Lord for I am full of pride for a parish so very, very, very much alive!

Our choirs’ notes escape stone walls and vaults and hang in the heavy air, St. Vincent de Paul and our great patron well know Paul, inspire collections and missions to show how much we care.

Children and adults come to our lot beyond obligation and fill now both day and night bringing their thirst for knowledge and jubilation.

A hard working and fantastic staff, blaze new trails in different directions than the past.

Yet an anchor of history we cling to and embrace, marvelously we discover and lengthen the links that move us forward yet keep us in place.

Oh and be still if it moves me from venial to mortal but pride builds up in me as we’ve formed yet a portal, an archway linking past, present and future whose fate is built on a foundation with a center of evangelization.

Yes call it pride, I will not the charge deny, but continue my cries of joy and exultation in God’s gracious Will that put me here on the parish called the Jewel on the Hill.

Pride in self is the steep descent to damnation, but pride to be part of something greater than me or you is the key to our mission and our motivation.

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  1. Nicely said! Poetic and moving. There is much to be proud of at St. Paul's and the parish is blessed to have you as the pastor!