Friday, June 5, 2009

If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do the builders labor.

As I've got a big homily to give this weekend and it has been an awesome week I only have time for a short post. I guess I should start with the reason behind me doing this crazy thing - the Lord! If something isn't for the Lord then it ain't worth it. However I think this little blog could be huge and a lot of fun. It gives parishioners an inside view at the life of their pastor (wait do I really want to do this?). This summer it also gives them the interesting ability to read the stories and adventures of our summer seminarian Chris Little and I (see also blog
Let me wet your whistle to say that we have only gone a week into the summer and we have celebrated a funeral for a great man of our parish who died far too young, visited a group of religious Anglican sisters, had a three hour meeting with a corporator, attended our first ever history committee meeting, visited a beautiful family caring for both young and old, conducted a special Mass/tour of St. Paul's, and that is not the half of it. There is so much more to come - I'm so excited about this summer and also excited about this blog! Peace and God Bless,
Fr. Matt


  1. Welcome to the web and I wish you well, but have you thought of going Face Book?

  2. Well, as Luck would have it, our dog's name is Lucky and Jacob's nickname is the blue deuce, as in, #2 for the NYY, Mr. Jeter. I would encourage the use of this blog for the 'outreach' to the Text Generation, those of us that are out here in cyber world, as well as physically, present in our beings. GOOD LUCK! Jason